Saturday, October 30, 2010

One more small pleasure

I think I've mentioned before that I work in a multi-storey building (often voted the ugliest building in Sydney) located on one of the busiest and most polluted intersections in the city. But at this time of the year when you come out the front entrance to the congested and grubby streetfront you are assailed by the wonderfully romantic scent of gardenias.


Some years ago masses of gardenias were planted in large containers around the otherwise barren front courtyard. However incongruous the context, I love how evocative this perfume is of lazy summer evenings. Life seems full of possibilities. A few minutes of pleasure.


Brendaknits said...

The gardenias - or is it Gardeniae??? are lovely. It was my MIL's favourite flower. Re Jared Flood's yarn. There have been similar comments on the 'net'. Consider it a once in a lifetime experience.

Anonymous said...

it is such a lovely smell. that and jasmine, and you know the hot days are on their way.

Rose Red said...

My gardenias haven't flowered yet (but the buds are there) and my jasmine is just starting to flower. Yes, both so romantic and signalling summer. Yay.

The beautiful scent of a flower is indeed one of the best of life's small pleasures.

Unknown said...

I agree, the intoxicating fragrance and waxy whiteness of the gardenia is lovely. There are so many around in summer, but I never tire of them.

I have a Jo Malone cologne called 'vintage gardenia' and it is my favourite of all the perfumes in the world.