Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yet another nagging project

Have you noticed I've had very few posts lately about knitting? It's not that I've been altogether neglecting my knitting. I have been knitting - though not as much or as constantly as I could. I've been on a bit of a reading, and even re-reading, binge lately. And aside from the reading distractions, my knitting's in a mess. Though if I'm honest, it's I who am in a mess about my knitting - the knitting itself is fine.

I have three almost finished projects and one half-done. A shawl needs blocking; another shawl needs i-cord edging; a small person's cardi needs its front bands; and I should finish my gift tea-cosy. But I became a bit panicky when I realised the deadline for my latest pair of 2010 PSC socks is 19 November and so I cast on and hurriedly started knitting. So now I have another quarter-done piece of knitting to add to my nagging queue.

Latvian socks 1

I'm knitting Nancy Bush's classic Latvian Socks from her book Folk Socks and using Wollmeise Twin in the colour Hortensia. I've discovered (Wikipedia is very useful, if unreliable) that Hortensia is not only a type of hydrangea, which is presumably how this deeply blue yarn got its name, but was also a female Roman orator from 42BC who successfully argued to have taxes reduced for wealthy Roman women. I'm not at all sure that I approve of special pleading for tax relief on the grounds of one's sex, but you do have to love a feisty woman. I'm going to name these my Feisty Socks.

I'm just at the beginning of the heel flap of the first sock, so have quite a way to go. I decided to make the socks a little longer than the pattern - partly because I like longer socks, but mostly because I want to take some advantage of the extra length in the skein of Wollmeise yarn. But that's also more knitting.

You can see I am just adding to my list of unfinished knitting. I need someone to organise my knitting life by setting priorities and deadlines. Of course, I could do this for myself, but I don't have great confidence in that strategy. Any ideas?


Bells said...

you might feel a bit disorganised but HELLO! Those socks are amazing. I saw the photo come up on flickr today and I was astounded Lyn. Hortensia + Latvia = truly stunning. Keep going!

alison said...

The socks are beautiful, what a deep rich colour.

I am a big fan of selecting one project to keep in full view and putting the others where I can't see them - I feel much less nagged then.

I have also recently discovered the pompodoro technique for getting things done: set a timer for 25 minutes, work till it goes off, take a 5 minute break. Repeat.

Anonymous said...

just gorgeous. you always manage to pick just the right yarn for the pattern, and i am greatly looking forward to more wollmeise in my own sock knitting future!!

Rose Red said...

Oh Lyn, those socks are GORGEOUS! Love the colour and the pattern is great!

I think Alison's suggestion about only have one project out and the others away is a really good one, I've been doing that too, makes it very easy to pick it up and put it down with a minimum of fuss.

1funkyknitwit said...

lol.. Oh, Lyn don't get yourself in a fluster over your knitting WIP's, I could start on my list of unfinished projects to make you feel better ;)

GORGEOUS socks by the way, and speaking of WIP's and socks.. Hmmm I believe I have a sock somewhere lying around my place, best go dig it out! ...ahhaha

Caffeine Girl said...

I LOVE those socks. I'm intimiated by the picot edging, though. Haven't figured that one out.

If you find someone who can organize knitting, please send along their name!

And what have you been (re)reading?