Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Penultimate socks

At last some completed knitting - even if it is only a pair of socks. These are the fifth pair of socks for my 2010 Personal Sock Club. Their completion is almost three weeks late, and I have only a bit over three weeks to finish my final pair for the year on time.

This is what I've knitted - Nancy Bush's Latvian Socks from her wonderful 1994 publication, Folk Socks:

blue socks 1

I've knitted them on 2.25mm dpns from Wollmeise Twin yarn in a very deep, but rich bright blue called Hortensia. As usual, my photograph doesn't give the full richness of the colour. I followed Nancy Bush's pattern with implicit trust as, in my experience, they're always right. I made some small modifications as I wanted to take full benefit of the 150grams of yarn in the Wollmeise skein and so knitted the socks longer than usual and added some minimal additional calf shaping.

blue socks 3

The socks have a number of features I particularly like - the way the calf shaping is incorporated in the purl stitches between the lacy panels; the heel flaps with a combination of knitted and purlwise slipped stitches that makes them particularly cushiony; and the round toes so characteristic of Nancy Bush patterns.

blue socks 2

I'm very happy with my blue socks...and I'm belatedly casting on for the last pair of 2010 PSC socks.


jp said...

You should be proud. They are stunning socks and that colour is stunning.

Rose Red said...

I thought they looked a bit longer than usual - they are just fab, as all your socks are!

Susan Luni said...

Those are very, very pretty. I really like unobtrusive shaping. It doesn't detract from the lovely pattern.

Emily said...

Fabulous socks!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely combination of yarn and pattern. Absolutely gorgeous.

Bells said...

oh wow! Lyn they are so, so good. Stunning and they look like they fit perfectly. A triumph!

1funkyknitwit said...

Having been up close to these ~ I know they really are lovely and I think you did capture the colour :)

Lovely !

Anonymous said...

those are just wonderful! i am very much looking forward to making a pair of her longer socks this year, esp if they turn out this well.