Thursday, June 16, 2011

A bit chaotic

Things are a bit chaotic here. As usual, I've left most of my travel preparations till the last minute and even now I'm avoiding them by writing this.

But I did get to see nine films at the Sydney Film Festival, and write reviews of them. I have finished off most of the tasks that needed to be done at work before I leave and I've blocked a small shawl and a scarf that have been finished for ages but needed blocking. The second of these was Stephen West's Clockwork - a shaped unisex kind of scarf in Stephen West's trademark stripes and combinations of texture.

Clockwork 3
Clockwork 1
Clockwork 2

Sorry about the colour variations in the photographs. The gloomy weather we've been having lately has made project photography extremely difficult.

I've used a combination of Jawoll Magic which has subtle, long colour changes in the yarn and Biggan 4 ply for the scarf. The colour combination has worked very well - though I am hoping it isn't too reminiscent of the dreaded green and gold combination that most Australian sporting teams wear! This is a gift for a friend. I posted it today and have my fingers crossed he likes it.

But... I didn't manage to finish the grey cardigan I'm knitting for my daughter and had a total disaster with the baby jacket I seem to have been working on for ages. I actually knitted all the way around the jacket (it's knitted around in one piece) to the final front band, only to discover one side of the jacket was at least 2 centimeters shorter than the other - a significant difference in a small jacket. So, I've had to pull undone at least a third of the jacket. I'm still deciding whether to take this with me as my travel knitting. At the moment I feel rather dispirited about it.

So, unless I have a very unexpected burst of knitting productivity, Shades of Grey will become become a travel blog for the next few weeks - internet connections permitting.


Rose Red said...

I hear you on the gloomy weather! I tried to take some pics yesterday in a rare burst of sunshine only to be foiled by a dead camera battery! Fingers crossed for more success today!
Love the stripy scarf/shawl. I don't think it looks too "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi". Definitely not.
Am looking forward to the Travel Edition of the blog - it's almost as good as being on holiday myself!

Anonymous said...

i dont think that scarf is too 'green and goldy', its much more interesting than that! that baby jacket is cursed i think. i hope you have a great trip and look forward to your posting along the way!

Lynne said...

Hurray for the sun today! I don't think the scarf is too "green and gold" - it's lovely.

Have a wonderful trip.

Yarna said...

Bon Voyage Lyn! Have a wonderful time. Of course the shawl is not too gaudy - it looks great and I'm sure the recipient will appreciate it.

Caffeine Girl said...

Love the scarf.

I understand how you feel about the baby jacket (and dispirited is such a great word!). I don't think I'd take something that was making me unhappy on vacation. Travel should be fun, fun and more fun.