Monday, February 20, 2012

Enough. Move on.

I've called an end to my bunting flag knitting. Ten bunts.

Bunt circle

It's easy, addictive knitting - so addictive I could just keep knitting bunts until I run out of odds and ends of sock yarn. As I was knitting the bunts I found myself becoming more adventurous with mixing yarns in various combinations of stripes - partly because it used up the bits and pieces of yarn I had, but also because with repetitive tasks it's almost impossible not to try variations on a theme. I love variations on a theme.

Bunt line

But ten bunts is enough. I could go on, but it's distracting me from other knitting. And with all the reports of bunting on blogs, ravelry and facebook, I'm sure we'll have enough for our strings of bunting for the Royal Easter Show.

Bunts column


Rose Red said...

I love your lovely bunts! Do you have a favourite? I think mine is the yellow one.

Yarna said...

I agree. It's been fun but time to move on. Your bunts are lovely!

jp said...

I agree fun but time to move on. Your bunts are gorgeous. We should have more than enough.

DrK said...

these are going to the highlight of the whole show i think! such beautiful colours, and so well knitted, as usual!

missfee said...

gorgeous bunts indeed

bunted out perhaps?

over bunted

Zena said...

What a gorgeous wheel of bunts! I love the yellow one best.

1funkyknitwit said...

bunting fabulous!