Sunday, September 9, 2012

Knitting for friends

Knitters sometimes complain about the lack of appreciation when they give knitted gifts to friends or family. Despite my recent worries about the appropriateness of my red gift scarf, I think I'm really fortunate that my knitted gifts are usually accepted with pleasure, and sometimes are even sought.

I've just finished some socks for a good friend. Barbara and I not only shared a workplace for quite a few years, but also discovered that we share many interests - including an interest in crafts and particularly textiles. So when she expressed an enthusiasm for my knitted socks I was only too delighted to have another appreciative recipient for my knitting.

Barb's socks 2

The socks are yet another Nancy Bush pattern from the best sock book ever, Knitting Vintage Socks. The particular pattern in 'Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern' and the main yarn is Knitabulous's Softsock in Foxymoron. The colour name always makes me smile. As the socks are quite long I was a bit worried I might run out of yarn and so knitted the toes in plain grey Patonyl yarn. As it turned out, I probably would have had enough of the Foxymoron mottled grey yarn to complete the socks, but I find the plain toes very pleasing.

Barb's socks 3

Thoroughly pleasurable knitting. Great pattern, great yarn, and the great satisfaction of giving an appreciated gift.


DrK said...

nancy would thoroughly approve of those toes, they work really well. socks are such a commitment to knit, i admire your ability to gift them!

Anonymous said...

I like the contrast toes too. Apart from the lovely knitting and the lovely yarn, the toes add a touch of Paul Smithness (you know the hidden but lovely detail?)

Anonymous said...

I like the Paul Smithness of these too! (not o mention that description, which makes me smile). Hand knitted socks are one of the most generous gifts you can give a person, I think.

Unknown said...

Aren't I lucky!!!