Friday, February 22, 2013

A welcome blanket

Most of the time knitting is a solitary occupation. My friends and I often knit in company with one another, but it's not often that we are able to collaborate on a joint project. However, over the last few years there have been a number of babies born to this group of friends and we've developed a tradition of knitting blankets to welcome the new arrivals. This is the latest:

Al's blanket

Kylie has written a great account of the project and the occasion on which it was given to Alison. As usual, the blanket involved numerous email discussions to decide on the project and organise the logistics of its making. I think this time we actually produced a 79 email thread! The yarn needed to be passed among the participants, and the finishing was done by several different people. My contribution, as well as knitting one of the colourful squares, was to knit the i-cord edging.

Al's blanket close-up

I think we are all very happy with the outcome. The pattern is the mitred crosses blanket from mason dixon knitting. The coloured parts are knitted in noro taiyo and the cream background is (the sadly discontinued) noro shirikaba. Both the taiyo and the shirikaba are mixtures of silk, cotton and wool and are an ideal texture and softness for a blanket.


Rose Red said...

They get better each time! I didn't think we could top the purple wollmeise blanket, but I think this one is my new favourite (after the one made for me of course!)

Sel and Poivre said...

I love how the crosses are offset! Beautiful! Lucky baby but also lucky knitters to belong to such a talented and organised group.

Knitdra said...

Thank you again! And for your definitely more than 'useful contribution' with the icord edge, I know that takes an age. I absolutely love it and feel so embraced receiving such a blanket. My baby boy is indeed very lucky and I can't wait to wrap him in it!

Anonymous said...

only 79 emails this time? i think this is my favourite so far too, and i cant believe you volunteered to do the icord, that stuff is the bane of my existence. but it really does look stunning, and im proud to have been a part of it!

Brendaknits said...

I love that blanket. I have it in my favourites from seeing it on ravelry - maybe someday.