Saturday, March 23, 2013


My grand-daughter is in need of a new winter cardigan. I guess that if you live in Brisbane, as she does, then 'need' is a relative term. But even in Brisbane the evenings and mornings in winter can be quite chilly, so a not too heavy weight cardigan is just about what is needed.

Ana Maria's flutterbies

I chose the colour (which in reality is a bit more eggplant-ish than these photos show) because it won't show stains and dirt too quickly and Ana Maria chose the chartreuse colour for the pocket linings. I think she's showing great colour sense already!

The yarn is Grignasco Merino Gold DK which is 100% wool but, fortunately, washable. The pattern is Georgie Hallam's Little Butterflies and it comes with lots of instructions for various modifications - sleeve lengths, contrast borders - and with excellent advice for yarn substitution. The pattern is named for the wrapped stitches mainly around the yoke that create a butterfly effect. The buttons, by the way, are much, much brighter than my photos show and a great match for the pocket linings.

Ana Maria's flutterbyes 2

I posted the cardigan off to my grand-daughter yesterday, hoping she'll like it. Maybe I'll have some photos of her wearing it - much more interesting than my hasty pics before I posted it off.


Lynne said...

What a lovely gift, Lyn.

Rose Red said...

That is a great cardi and I ADORE the colours! Chartreuse = perfection!

missfee said...

As Rosered says the colour is just gorgeous and I love the sneaky colour inside pockets and the matching buttons.
The butterfly detail is too sweet

great cardie so lucky is your dotee....

DrK said...

it is just gorgeous. she has your sense of style, obviously!

Brendaknits said...

It is so cute, Lyn. I love the contrast of the pocket linings.