Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Warning - tulips!

I think I'm even more besotted with the tulips in Amsterdam than I was with the orchids in Singapore. On yesterday's visit to the Rijksmuseum I walked along a path that was lined with big tubs of blowsy, healthy, colourful tulips.

Tulips - path to Reijksmuseum

Winter this year in northern Europe has been cold and long. People are yearning for Spring and the tulips - blooming much later this year than usual - are Amsterdam's symbol of the season's change.

Tulips - deep purpleTulips - peachTulips - yellow:orangeTulips - mauve

They're not the most subtle of flowers, but I can appreciate how the mania for them almost ruined the economy of the Netherlands in the seventeenth century. I discovered this 1634 painting by Hans Bollongier in the Rijksmuseum with the same tulips that are in the foreground of my first photo in this post.

Hans Bollongier 'Floral Still Life' 1639

Some passions endure.


Lynne said...

I love their bright, cheery colours!

Rose Red said...

I'm not sure tulips need a trigger warning! They are so gorgeous.

Sel and Poivre said...

"...the orchids of Singapore...the tulips of Amsterdam..." all in one post/trip/thought. You know how to plan a trip!

George said...

You'll have to go to de Keukenhof! Perhaps they will be in bloom this weekend, unlike last weekend ;)

DrK said...

oh gosh they are lovely. i remember buying a bunch for my hotel room just so i could say i'd had some amsterdam tupilps. i hope you have surrounded yourself!