Monday, September 1, 2008

Look what they've done!

I discovered what the cherry-picker was doing outside my window...

painted watertower

It's been painting the watertower that is the view from my living-room window...and painting it lemon-cream!

I'm gobsmacked. The watertower no longer has a practical use. It hasn't had for decades. Its only purpose is to remind the commuting Sydney-siders of the time when the Eveleigh workshops built the steam trains that contributed to the industrial growth and wealth of New South Wales. Its textured rusty surfaces and severely constructed iron struts belonged to our industrial heritage.

So why paint it lemon-cream? This is clearly not a passing whim. Someone had to decide to pay the not inconsiderable sum it would cost to hire the cherry-picker and employ the painters. This is wanton tidiness!

I know I have to find out who is responsible and complain. But it's too late. My beautiful rusted watertower is now a clean lemon-yellow puzzling structure.

I feel very grumpy!

1 comment:

M-H said...

Maybe some of your neighbours complained about the rusted look? What a shame. That colour will get dirty soon and look horrible!