Friday, June 5, 2009

Changing my socks

I finished installment 3 of my 2009 Personal Sock Club (hereafter known as the PSC) socks with one day to spare within my 52 day cycle. Whew! A new project is always exciting, even when it just involves opening an envelope into which you sealed some sock yarn four and a bit months ago. I was so pleased to discover (or rediscover) some Madelinetosh sock yarn in wonderful mixtures of green and charcoal - I think its given name is, most appropriately, 'Lichen'. This was my favorite yarn of those I packaged up in January.


I'm planning to knit Jane Cochran's Hedgerow Socks (Ravelry link and free pattern) in yet another variation of what I think of as 'disrupted' rib. If I'm knitting for myself, I prefer somewhat severe geometric patterned socks, rather than patterns with more lace. Still, I occasionally think I should challenge myself a bit more as a knitter.

The 52 day deadline takes me to 27 July. Sounds a long way off, but I have quite a few other projects to work on at the same time, including another pair of socks for the Double Your Pleasure sock swap at Australian Swappers on Ravelry.

I think I'm already a bit over socks. The dotee (and her parents, of course) is returning to Australia in a few weeks time, after her stay in Mexico and Cuba, and even though she normally lives in Brisbane - not the most inviting city for handknits - my thoughts are inevitably beginning to turn to knitting for her. Still, sheer bloody-mindedness will keep me to my 2009 PSC program for the rest of the year. Who knows how I'll feel then?

So, the completed socks:

Country socks 3
Country socks 1

They are Nancy Bush's 'Country Socks' from 'Folk Socks', knitted with 2.5mm dpns in Araucania Ranco Solid. They've worked well. Very neat. I think they're quite schmick in an old-fashioned, vintagey way.


Rose Red said...

Fabulous socks and look so great with your shoes!!

Love the new sock yarn and think it will work really well in that pattern!

Emily said...

Great colour, great socks, great shoes. Lyn does it, yet again!

Glad to hear there'll be some dotee knitting to enjoy too. And that she'll be a bit closer to you!

Fee said...

Fabulous socks. Congratulation.

Greetings from germany


Probably Jane said...

That's a fine pair of socks.I find that a lot of Nancy Bush sock patterns have that sort of timeless quality which I imagine comes from her background as a knitwear historian.

DrK said...

they are very schmick! all your sock choices are so, including the lovely grey ones that matched ishbel the other night. looking forward to seeing that lichen knitted up xx

Cecilia said...

Love the socks and love the shoes!

Lynne said...

Very nice colour and style.

Denise said...

Wonderful red socks there! I quite like geometric patterned socks, too, over lace. Have you made the Jaywalkers socks? They're a lovely, effective, and easy to memorise pattern. Still, if you're over socks ... there's plenty of other things to try! :)