Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last Saturday was a great indulgence of knitting, knitting chat, and knitting friends. A meeting of the Inner-City branch of the NSW Knitters Guild in the morning was followed by World-Wide Knitting in Public Day in the afternoon (blogged by many and ably photographed by web-goddess and Witty Knitter among others).

All this knitting time enabled me to finish the Cranford Mitts - so pretty!

cranford 2

They are destined to be a ninety-sixth birthday gift for my ex-mother-in-law. The pattern is Jane Lithgow's Cranford Mitts that I've knitted in yarn left over from previous projects. The green yarn is Grignasco Champagne, which is a silk/wool mix that is soft but has excellent stitch definition. The grey trim is Araucania Ranco sock yarn. The stitch pattern is a very logical, easy to remember 8 row repeat, and the stretchiness of the lace means the mitts easily adjust to a variety of hand sizes.

I'm not usually a fan of fingerless mitts, but these are so pretty, and so ironically old-fashioned, that I'm tempted to make some for myself. Maybe in pink?


Kris said...

Thanks for sharing! I was looking for a small pattern to use up my leftover Noro sock wool, and I think those will do nicely. :)

Bells said...

perfect! I came right home after the weekend when i saw yours and started planning my own. Fingerless mitts are great for Canberra. I can still get on the bus in the cold wihtout having to take mittens off.

And nicely posed with the book, too!

missfee said...

I love the photo Lyn - so stylish - the mittens are perfect. And if you ex- mother-in-law doesen't like them I will go and have some stern words to her.......

Rose Red said...

Oh that Champagne is such delicious yarn (but of course!) and this is a delightful pattern - love it!!

Probably Jane said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the pattern. You have, as usual, interpreted it beautifully.

I have given away mine too so have just started spinning for a pair of my own.