Saturday, August 22, 2009

Things come together

Some knitting projects are meant to be. Things come together. I've just started knitting Fiona's Top by Rasmilla, which (of course) is destined for the dotee.

Fiona's top

This has been in my Ravelry queue for some time. In addition to its being a really cute pattern that's also extremely useful, I felt a distant but personal connection to it. Fiona, the little girl whose image is on the cover of the pattern, and after whom the pattern is named, is the daughter of my Danish 2008 backtack swap partner, Anne. It adds richness to a pattern when you have some connection, however distant, with the designer.

I'd bought some Morris and Sons Empire 4 ply merino for this project in a very old-fashioned pink. Mentally, I've labelled it 'cochineal icing' because it's the pink of the iced cup-cakes of my childhood. But I'd hesitated to start knitting because I couldn't decide what colour to make the stripes on the yoke. Then, I bought a tray of Knitabulous's yarn cupcakes (she calls them sock blanket kits) simply because they were irresistible.


And I realised the colours were perfect for the yoke stripes. Finally the project came together.


Rose Red said...

Hurrah for serendipity (or fate, or whatever!!). The yarn cupcakes are perfect for this most gorgeous design.

missfee said...

Lyn it is gorgeous - and the yarn cakes look edible

DrK said...

thats going to look so great! cant wait to see it.

Unknown said...

It absolutely delights me to read this post and see this gorgeous project!

I cannot wait to see it finished.

Bells said...

don't you just love the magic of it all???