Monday, August 31, 2009


Today I had my sixty-fifth birthday.

I've had a good birthday with phone calls, text messages, cards and gifts from family and friends today, and an afternoon tea with knitting friends and knitting yesterday.

I was overwhelmed - there were flowers, beautiful cards, enviable yarn, a project bag, and Veuve Clicquot

gifts 1

...and there were gift shawls


If you thought you recognised the shawl de jour - the Aestlight - you're correct. Beautifully soft in a subtle oyster grey yarn dyed by Knitabulous. The other rich graphite coloured small shawl is a mystery for now - a new design of which I am now wearing the prototype! I wore it to work today and loved it.

My knitting friends know my tastes well - and they are generous.

I hate coyness about age. Aging is natural - something we all come to experience, if we're fortunate. Even so I found it hard to write that I'm sixty-five. This is definitely 'old' territory. Getting older is strange. It's not like there's a specific point at which you stop being 'younger' and become 'older'. You gradually become the person you are, and I imagine (and hope) the process of growing and developing continues indefinitely. But others often treat you differently as you age, and it's hard not to be affected by that.

I've been fortunate so far - enjoying family and friends, having good health, and being able to afford to do many of the things I wish to do - at least the more sensible ones! So, today, I'm wishing myself continuing good fortune beyond sixty-five.


Rose Red said...

I love your attitude - notwithstanding my teasing of Lee - every year of living just adds to the growth, not the decline (despite what some people out there seem to think!). Glad you were very spoilt (spoiled? I can never remember which is appropriate!) - as you deserve to be! I wish you good fortune forever!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday. 65 is just 65 - a number. It's other people's perception of age that I find disturbing - and that's when I feel old. I am just who I am.

Emily said...

Oh Lyn - happy birthday! Wish I could have been there. I'm very glad you got some fizz as well as the beautiful shawls - I strongly associate you with the bubbly.

Wish i could have been there to say HB. One of my moans about knitting groups here (so far) is the lack of variety of age and interest - I find being the oldest by more than a 15 years means the group is rather uniform, and I miss the wonderful variety of friends I made in Sydney.

And I do like your attitude too!

jp said...

Happy Birthday Lyn. It is nice to be spoiled a little on your birthday. Looking forward to seeing the prototype shawl on.

Yarna said...

Many, many happy returns Lyn. I was sorry to miss the afternoon tea. We must definitely have a glass (or two) of fizz when I get back.

DrK said...

when i held up the finished aestlight i thought of you! i am very glad to have been able to share your birthday and to count you amongst my knitting friends xx

Bells said...

Happy birthday Lyn! You deserve to be showered with such beautiful gifts. I'm jealous of Kylie's aestlight but it's gone to the perfect recipient!

I agree with not being coy about age. I really don't see the point but I have found myself once or twice being shocked when the number 37 came out of my mouth!

missfee said...

Happy belated birthday Lyn
So glad you had a good day and thank you for the wonderful afternoon tea on Sunday.
Your attitude to life, age and everything is tops!!! and I couldn't agree more.

redambition said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day :o)

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns Lyn (of both the day and the Veuve Cliquot!). I love your attitude too, and I hope to get older in the same adventurous way you have - you're a true inspiration.

Reg / Steve said...

Happy Birthday from Albuquerque! I'm 65 too and hope you are enjoying The Ice Princess, which I translated. Try the 2nd one too, The Preacher -- Camilla just keeps getting better with each book. The Stonecutter is out soon. --Steven T. Murray

Anna said...

Dear Lyn,

Happy Birthday. You hold you age with grace and poise. I hope that one day I will have posses even half the grace and poise that you do.

I'm glad the shawl flu has provided you with some beautiful benefits.

Sonia said...
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Sonia said...

Take 2!

Happy Birthday Lyn! It looks like you've received some delectable gifts!
Best wishes

Lynne said...

Happy birthday!

[Belated but sincere]

Probably Jane said...

Belated birthday wishes from me too. May you enjoy many more good years of family, friends, knitting and Veuve Cliquot!