Thursday, December 24, 2009


Even when your office is on the 27th floor, the view from the window is sometimes surprising.

blimp 1

The logo on the side of the blimp informed us that its purpose was aerial photography. Despite the haziness of my pictures (partly Sydney summer heat haze; mostly the grime on our windows) yesterday was a beautiful clear day in Sydney so they should have taken some great photos.

I don't know how such things work, but I was hoping the photography was remotely controlled and that there wasn't a person in the small basket suspended from the blimp, as both the blimp and the basket were roughly buffeted by yesterday's sea breezes (Sydney translation - winds).

blimp 3

1 comment:

Rose Red said...

I'd rather have a blimp out my window than the SAS helicopters doing training runs through the centre of the city!

Now am intrigued to know whether there is a person in the blimp...I suspect not. I will see how long I resist the urge to google it...