Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sticking to my knitting

I've been suffering knitting disruption over the last week or so. I ran out of yarn for the blanket I'm knitting and have been waiting for more yarn to arrive. I left my sock knitting at work over the weekend (and yes, I'm aware this is yet another example of my forgetfulness). There's been the pleasurable but distracting build-up of end-of-the-year festivities. And I've had an old and good friend staying with me which has resulted in more than usual, and very pleasurable, visits to movies, galleries, markets and eating out.

But there's also pleasure to be had in staying at home. Last night I was able to settle down to my knitting.

Rose Red

I wound the skein into a ball and cast on for Ysolda Teague's tam pattern 'Rose Red'. It's destined to be a Christmas present, and so far everything that everybody has said about it being a fun and straight-forward knit is true. I'm knitting it from Malabrigo 'Silky Merino' which feels and looks soft and luxurious. Once again I'm having problems in having my photograph capture the colour of the yarn - it's called 'Rupestre' and is more a deep rose-purple colour than the image above.

Now I just need time to finish it.

PS I've just googled 'rupestre' and discovered that 'pintura rupestre' or 'arte rupestre' are the Spanish and Italian terms for 'rock art'. The colour of the yarn seems roughly to approximate the colour of the markings in ancient rock art. An education through knitting (and google)!


Rose Red said...

Mmmmm silky merino - yum! I am in the knitting doldrums today so am casting on a new project (yes, another one!). Am very excited. Your RR is looking great so far.

missfee said...

yum Lyn - I am in sock hell at the moment - and regretting all of those size 12 feet - nearly nearly finished the second one.
I am envious of the colour, yarn and pattern

DrK said...

sigh silky merino, i have some in ravelry red and a hat would be a very nice idea. this is looking lovely. glad you have been having a nice time!

Bells said...

gosh that's beautiful. I am getting some SM soon - I will think of this as a use for it!

jp said...

Mmmm silky Merino - colour me jealous. My cardigan has been languishing this week and I am struggling to fit in knitting around work commitments.

Cecilia said...

The hat is going to be gorgeous and so luxurious! I really loved knitting this pattern and I'm glad you are enjoying it too.