Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Knitting 2009

It's taken me a while to get around to summing up my 2009 knitting. It's so reassuring to have something in my life where I can count and quantify my achievements and about which I can make judgments in an entirely pleasurable way.

I've managed to complete twenty-four knitted projects this year (ravlink). Given my total for 2008 was twenty-three projects, this is possibly my 'natural' rate of knitting productivity. If I were really kind to myself, I'd say I completed thirty items in 2009, as a couple of my projects involved several repeats of patterns for hats knitted for charity.

By category this is
7 pairs of socks
3 scarves
2 shawls
2 toys/decorations
1 pair of mitts
3 hats (actually 9 hats from 3 different patterns)
1 adult cardigan
4 baby's or child's cardis and vests
1 small blanket

And some winners:

The project of which I'm most proud? The Tangled Yoke Cardigan. This was knitted as my Tour de France project and while I didn't quite finish it within the timeframe of the race, I did finish it soon after.

My most favourited project in ravelry? The Simple Shawl. I think the appeal is the yarn (Kauni Effektgarn) which perfectly suits the very simple pattern.

The most fun to knit? A difficult choice between the small blanket for my small grand-daughter and the Baktus Scarf, with the small blanket winning by a thread. Unsurprisingly, both these projects are in garter stitch - I'm easily entertained

My favourite socks? The French Grey Socks that are a design by my sock hero Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks. I love wearing these and the colour is a perfect grey.

cardi front 2Blue shawl 1
Ana Maria's blanketFrench grey socks

I still have four projects 'actively' on the needles - by this I mean they are projects I have a real expectation of completing in the relatively near future. Three of these - some socks, a small shawl and a jacket languishing from 2008, are all at least 80% complete and with a little effort could be finished soon.

But you know how it is - I need a warm hat and some mitts for a trip to wintry France in February, so the siren call of new projects may prove irresistible.


missfee said...

I love your grey socks too Lyn, and the blanket, your very inspiring Baktus and the cardigan - so many choices some many beautiful items.

Rose Red said...

Oh France! I'd forgotten about your trip to France! Now I am jealous all over again!

I love your knitting roundup - I especially like your four chosen projects - all wonderful!

PS word verification is "shall". I think that means you SHALL give in to temptation to cast on new France projects!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh yes, that siren call is a devilish thing isn't it?

Aussie Maria said...

I love your Simple Shawl, thanks for the reminder of this pattern

DrK said...

these are all such beautiful projects and you are rightly proud of that tangled yoke, it was a very impressive knit! any thoughts on french knit wear? you do have a clapotis to take dont you??