Saturday, September 11, 2010

My favourite things

Yesterday, I arranged my new yarn on the windowsill to photograph it in the early morning light. The windowsills in my new apartment are one of my favourite things. I can already see they are going to be a much-favoured location for photographs.

window sill 204

The walls of the old building I live in are very thick and on my side of the building I have wide, flat windowsills. My previous apartment had even thicker walls, but the windows were set at the inside rather than the outside of the openings and so I had no usable sills.

Last weekend I bought some herbs in small pots and lined them up on one of the sills. The sills and the opportunities they bring are going to give me a great deal of pleasure.


missfee said...

love those plants -flavour to cooking and to eyes
and what a great sill

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic use of space. great light, and colour. looks like you are really settling in!

Denise said...

Wide sills just make so much sense, don't they! The herbs look lovely there too :)

Bells said...

i would LOVE sills like that. How utterly lovely!