Monday, May 30, 2011

Another weekend away

Lennox sky

I've been away from Sydney again this past weekend. I flew about 800km north to Lennox Head for a special birthday of a very good friend of very long standing. It was a wonderful party - open house for the afternoon with lots of good food and many friends, neighbours and family. Not everything about getting older is wonderful, but such birthday celebrations are. This one reflected the richness of many of the experiences and contacts and interests and passions of my friend's past and present life. A life she's living well.

My daughter and grand-daughter came from Brisbane for the party so I had the added pleasure of catching up with them.

The Christmas before last I made a blanket for my grand-daughter using Frankie's ten stitch pattern. But she's grown since then and I thought I should enlarge the blanket to match her growth. I found an extra two skeins of the Noro Taiyo yarn, unpicked the 10 cast off stitches and started knitting around and around again.

Ten stitch shawl

This is such a fun blanket, but I don't think I'll enlarge it again. It's already at a stage where two skeins of yarn added only a round of knitting and a bit. Even I tire of garter stitch eventually.


Rose Red said...

Wow, look how she's grown! And to think, I never thought I'd hear you say you tire of garter stitch!

missfee said...

the blanket is gorgeous - and yes your dotee has grown too

what a great way to spend the weekend

Lynne said...

Glad the party went well.

The blanket is gorgeous and so is the Dotee.

Anonymous said...

tire of garter stitch? no! so gorgeous though, she will treasure that for a long time. i love that part of the world, a great place to spend a weekend. or two.