Monday, October 31, 2011

Yet another shawl

You would think that someone who has two full shelves of shawls and scarves in the bedroom cupboards would have a something appropriate for any occasion. However, I have the two shelves of shawls and scarves and still feel the need for yet another shawl with very specific characteristics - it needs to be BIG and it needs to be wearable with all my black and grey clothes without making a major contrasting colour statement. More than a year ago I knitted Mustaa Villaa's variation on the Wool Peddler's shawl and have worn and worn it. It's travelled with me several times and has been a shawl for many occasions. But even though it's reasonably large it's not really BIG, and the blue edging means it not quite as versatile as I would wish. So, despite all the half-finished knitting projects that I should be completing, I've cast on for a new shawl.

Transatlantic 2

What I'm knitting is very predictable. It's striped, it features some garter stitch rows and I'm knitting it in a not-quite-black grey with shades of grey and cream. Ho hum. But the Transatlantic pattern also has the quirkiness of many of the currently fashionable Stephen West patterns with lots of lovely textural variation as well as the stripes. Another advantage of the pattern is that you can just knit and knit on the shawl until it is as big as you wish or till you run out of yarn - which isn't going to happen. I actually did some thinking ahead for this project and bought enough very dark graphite Rowan 4ply pure wool from Calico and Ivy so that I could combine it with the grey and cream Crazy Zauberball yarn I already have. Now all I need to do is knit... and knit and knit.

I already know that when it's finished this shawl will be my new travelling companion - but it will also be perfect for cooler evenings of tv watching.


Rose Red said...

It's like black shoes - you can never have too many! I predict this will be a beauty!

Brendaknits said...

That Stephen west is quite brilliant, isn't he? That is a gorgeous pattern. I love the peek holes.

Bells said...

nope, no such thing as too many shawls. Infinite variety means I'll just never stop and nor should you! I agree about needing very specific sizes for different moments. Lovely!

Jan said...

I love this one too and am about twenty rows beyond you. I'm planning on more things from that book too.

Anonymous said...

there is never anything ho hum about your gorgeous shawls lyn. this one will be just as lovely as the others.