Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How much grey yarn is too much?

I've been trying not to buy too much new yarn. I'm not a quick knitter and I already have more yarn than I can knit up in the near - or even longer term - future. However, all knitters know that it's almost impossible not to accumulate yarn and it just happens that most of the yarn I've acquired recently is grey. 'So?' I hear most of you who know me ask. 'So?' Of course, I love it. But all of it was acquired with no specific purpose in mind and so I now find myself wondering just what I should make with it. Do you have any suggestions?

I signed up for the Madelinetosh yarn club and chose to receive neutral colours. As it happened, the neutral colours were shades of grey - perfect.

Madtosh yarns 

So I now have three skeins (about 500 metres) of the Rambler colourway in 80/10/10 worsted, which is olive grey. I also have 6 skeins (about 2,500 metres) of Eyre Light, a fingering weight mixture of wool, silk and alpaca: 6 skeins because of a mix-up in delivery of the yarn that was generously resolved by Madelinetosh.  The Eyre Light is a colour called Folklore - a subtle purple grey with a slight sheen from the silk. Exquisite. And then there's 3 skeins (690 meres) of 80/10/10 Sport (my favourite yarn weight) in Steamer Trunk - again a green-grey, but not quite so intense a colour as the Rambler.

So what should I make with all this beautiful grey yarn?

Isager yarn

I also have around 650 metres of light beige-grey Isager 100% wool No1 that I acquired from a MissFee destash after she'd knitted her lovely Celes. So, another set of pleasurable knitting worries about what make.  Maybe I should imitate Miss Fee and knit a most desirable lacy scarf.

As I continue to knit on my seemingly endless Transatlantic shawl I can browse and weigh the delights of one pattern against another and dither and maybe even eventually make some decisions about all this greyness.


Rose Red said...

The MadTosh colours are so great. You have so much of the Eyre, that needs to be a longline cardi I think. You might get a short open vest cardi out of the worsted (although I think you might need extra?) and not sure about the sport - slouchy hat and mitts combo? Such fun you will have deciding!

1funkyknitwit said...

When I first read the tittle of this post my first thoughts were "No!", having read this post my answer is still "No!" .D My reason for this is they are all different greys so therefore different .D

Patterns ????? I have a hard time finding for me so I'm no help, however if I see something I'll let you know. Consider me having my nose to the ground for you :D
Love all the grey !

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh what lovely questions to consider as you work away on Transatlantic!

I'm no help at all but when I am in similar straights I like to chose a great bowl or basket - some kind of vessel - and then leave the yarn for consideration on a table where I can see it as I move about doing whatever.

Then I play around in my mind with ideas for the yarn, check Ravelry, consider some more. Its vicarious knitting ripping and reknitting while I do everything from vacume to dust to sitting with my afternoon tea.

Anonymous said...

oh swoon. no there is never too much grey, and look at all those delicious shades. and i definitely think a lacy scarf in the isager is the way to go. im doing celes in bluesky alpaca silk and its divine!

missfee said...

There is never enough grey yarn in the world - I love all of those tosh colours

I think you should look at another Brooklyn Tweed pattern stonecrop - based on Orenburg lace

lynnie003 said...

Grey yarn is just a delight you can mix with so many different colours. I have recently discovered Jane Thornley.com wonderful patterns for scarfs and shawl mixing colour and textures you might find something on her site they will inspired you