Thursday, November 10, 2011

What would you hope for?

Let's say you were dreaming about the ideal weekend away with people who shared your interests - let's say, knitting. What would you hope for?

High on my list would be an idyllic country cottage, perhaps even with a white picket fence; a garden sufficiently large to ensure privacy; and expansive views of surrounding paddocks and hills.

Sewjourn fence

I'd hope there'd be space for everyone to sleep comfortably, and a communal space with comfortable chairs where you could sit and knit and periodically wander to a nearby kitchen for cups of tea or coffee or even glasses of wine. Somewhere you could leave your knitting project bag till you were ready to return to the knitting task you'd chosen.

Sewjourn living room

An added benefit would be if the room gave you views to a calm, rural, outside world

Sewjourn garden

and if that world immediately outside the door had lots of places for sitting (knitting) in the sun or shade, surrounded by late spring flowers - roses, irises, daisies...

Sewjourn verandah

The cottage should be located in a picturesque country town so there is easy access to cafes with good coffee and to shops selling easily prepared food for the weekend, and there should be a good bottle shop for the wine supply.


And if there could be a truly wonderful bookshop with all sorts of temptations, that would really be the icing on the cake

Red Door books

Some of us are fortunate enough to have very talented and organised knitting friends who, with a little help from their friends, are able to make such an ideal weekend a reality. Last weekend a group of knitters travelled to Sewjourn in Victoria, where the cottage and its gardens had all the characteristics you might hope for, and the village of Lancefield in which it is located had all the supporting services and pleasures you could need or want.

In a neighbouring town there was even a long lunch in an excellent restaurant that features locally grown food and wine. Such a treat. A pleasure to add to lots of other pleasures.

Annie Smithers 1

Others have already blogged about their experiences of the weekend. As I've written elsewhere, it was a perfect combination of hilarity and tranquility. I'd probably have achieved more knitting (and less unravelling) if I'd stayed at home. But it could never have been as pleasurable.

I nearly forgot - you might hope for perfect late Spring weather. We even had that.


Lynne said...

Sounds absolutely idyllic!

Sonia said...

Just perfect! Why can't every weekend be like this?

Rose Red said...

It was pretty near perfect, wasn't it!

Anonymous said...

amazing how wishes can come true. and the added bonus of really being among People Like Us. such a great weekend, and so great to see your different photos!

Anonymous said...

Once again Lyn, you haved captured the moment/ weekend beautifully!