Friday, January 27, 2012

Fickle? Me?

The only knitting resolution I made for 2012 was that I would knit whatever whim and fancy suggested. But I'm beginning to wonder just how fine the line is between whim and fancy and fickleness. Being led by whim and fancy has a carefree, of the moment, feel to it. To be fickle is to be changeable or inconstant - altogether less flattering characteristics.

Inspired by my whim and fancy attitude I started a new project last weekend - Juneberry, Brooklyntweed's lace knitted small shawl for thicker yarns. (I'm using Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Sport yarn).


As usual for Brooklyntweed, this is a well-presented, easy to follow pattern resulting in a modern yet classic outcome. It's even a bit more technically challenging than my usual projects so I've been feeling quite virtuous about stretching myself and my capabilities. After discovering that the knitting was much easier with a generous application of stitch markers I've been steaming along, snatching time for some rows whenever I could. I thought I was totally absorbed in this project.

Then, surprisingly, yesterday, I was distracted by log cabin knitted squares - specifically, Mason-Dixon Knitting's Buncha Squares. I've had some Mission Falls 1824 cotton for several years. This yarn has a rather old-fashioned boucle texture that I've always thought would be perfect for a blanket. In fact, I've had several attempts at knitting it up in various ways but have never been happy with the outcome. Buncha Squares might be it. I've almost finished one square and love the outcome. It has the attraction of variation within an overall regular pattern that I always fall for. Now I only need to knit (how many?) more.

Buncha Square

This yarn has been discontinued and though I know there are several part-finished projects with it in various places around the house I doubt I would have enough yarn for a useful blanket. But I'll see.

Whim and fancy, or fickleness, might take me in an entirely different direction at any time.


Lynne said...

Both projects are looking good. Three cheers for whim and fancy!

I am feeling a bit swamped with all the things (knitting and quilting) I have going at the moment; including a baby blanket I started on Sunday which is definitely not going to be finished for the baby shower this Sunday! In fact - it may be completely frogged this evening! My biggest problem is my constant hunger to learn/try something new!

DrK said...

well fickleness also implies lack of productivity, and i dont think thats your problem. and when you combine that with whim and fancy, youre likely to become very productive indeed (ie, knitting something you like means youre more likely to finish it!). so i think you should just let the knitting winds take you and dont worry. you were very disciplined last year, so i think its time to let it flow a bit. how great does that square look?! and seriously, how addictive is madelinetosh? i really dont feel like knitting with anything else at the moment!

jp said...

I had to take breaks with Juneberry which I love.

You are such a constant and consistent knitter that I am sure Productivity will outweigh the occasional fickle switch between projects.

Rose Red said...

Fickle is a word I would never use to describe you. Go Buncha Squares - love it!