Friday, July 4, 2008

It's come to this...

It's come to this...blogging. I feel somewhat self-conscious. I'm starting this enterprise with no clear idea of the content or style that will evolve. I know I don't want the tone to be too confessional, or too starchy and unapproachable, and I don't want the content of the blog to intrude too much on the lives of my friends or family, but I'm not sure what I do want this blog to be and do.

I've come to blogging through my rediscovery of knitting, and I know knitting will be at the centre of my blog. My Ravelry notebook enables me to store information about the stages, tools and outcomes of my knitting, but it doesn't easily allow me to express my emotions - my doubts, triumphs, concerns - in relation to my knitting. Also, in Ravelry I can't explore the context in which my knitting happens; how it fits around work and into my relationships. I'm hoping the blog will give me space to reflect on these matters.

Inevitably, I imagine I'll also want to mention and try to sort out my thoughts about the other things that happen and are important to me - family, friends, books, theatre and films, travel. I'll see where it all leads.


Anonymous said...

Blog away! Essentially we are all blog dorks writing out our innermost knitting ups and downs that barely anyone reads...

It's a good start.

Amy Rose

A Knitter in New Orleans USA

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog world! Dance like nobody's watchng, blog like nobody's reading and it will be exactly what you want it to be.

I have an ambiguous relationship with my blog - I like that it shows little snapshots, but I also wonder if that's honest.

I think you write well, by the way.