Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reviewing my strategy

Hmmm...I've been having some doubts about the accuracy of the Montparnasse pattern - my Tour de France KAL - but generally being the kind of person who follows recipes, reads instruction books, and uses maps and telephone directories, I decided to try to follow the pattern until I had proof it wasn't working. I should have found it strange that despite the pattern offering a range of sizes for the girth of the jacket, it offered instructions for only one length. Eventually I did pin the pieces together and found that while it fitted around me (rather miraculous), it was a bit short. So, I unravelled the cast-off and knitted an extra 5cm on the fronts and back. Fortunately, this was relatively straight-forward in this simple design with hectares of stocking stitch, and I'm now back knitting my final sleeve. Once that's done I have lots of sewing up and the rather large challenge of the collar.

So, this is my mountain of knitting, fittingly assembled while the TdF participants are cycling over the green slopes of the French Alps

Maybe I might just scramble over the finishing line by Sunday as le Tour enters Paris and nears Montparnasse.

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Emily said...

I reckon you'll make it with the knitting - not sure re the sewing up - but you've done masses in just 2 weeks already.

And I think it'll look great.