Monday, September 7, 2009

There and here

I've been to Brisbane for a long weekend to visit my grand-daughter and her parents. Ana Maria (the dotee) is almost two-and-a-half and at this age children are learning so much - every day brings new developments and achievements. It's breathtaking.


(For those of you in the know - presumably parents and grand-parents - these photos were an impromptu performance of Justine Clark's song 'Dancing Face'. Such fun.)

We had a busy time, with lunches and dinners out, a particularly pleasant visit to the University of Queensland with its beautiful gardens and lakes and ducks and geese and sleepy lizards, and some shopping.

Some yarn shopping at 'Tangled Yarns' in Newstead.

This is such a beautiful shop. It's probably good that I was accompanied by a small child and that we were hungry. Otherwise I might have spent much longer and much more money during my visit. The yarns are a highly desirable selection, temptingly arranged by brand and colour. There's a small but exquisite range of buttons. There is space to move, and space to linger with chairs at a table and squishy sofas around a coffee table piled with knitting books and magazines.

I was restrained and bought only two yarns that are destined for specific projects.

Tangled yarns

Some Malabrigo sock yarn in Botticelli Red for a Damson shawl (I'd intended to buy a dark colour but this red is saturated and rich and was impossible to resist) and some Cascade 220 in a soft jade-turquoise colour to make a Sage Remedy jumper for my daughter. The yarn's a perfect choice for this pattern and I was pleased she was with me to choose the colour.

Family, good food, knitting, yarn shopping. What more could I ask for?


Rose Red said...

Ooooh, Tangled Yarns - so envious!! The yarns you've bought are gorgeous.

And the dotee - that second face especially - what a cutie!!

Cecilia said...

The dotee is adorable! And I can't wait to see your Damson. I had so much fun knitting mine

DrK said...

oh what a gorgeous expressive face! and what fantastic yarns you chose. admirable restraint....