Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yet another grey shawl

I haven't only been knitting garter stitch squares and triangles - much as I enjoy both of these knitterly geometric pastimes. I've knitted a small grey shawl - or more accurately, a triangular scarf. It's yet another Brooklytweed (Jared Flood) pattern.

Juneberry 2
Juneberry 3

I seem to return time and time again to Brooklyn tweed patterns. I think they combine classic styling with modernity in a way that makes them very wearable. This particular pattern is Juneberry Triangle and was originally designed for a worsted weight 'sticky' yarn. I've knitted it with luxuriously soft Madelinetosh sportweight yarn that has some cashmere and silk mixed into the predominantly wool composition. As a result, the shawl's edges and peaks have not blocked as crisply as the Jared Flood originals, but it makes a softer, more easily draped fabric.

Juneberry 4

Even though this is a triangular scarf, I don't think I would ever describe this as a geometric knit. The lace patterns within the shawl are organic and floral rather than geometric, and the two sides of the shawl are not neat - or even approximate - mirror images of one another. It's really quite eccentric in its design. Unexpectedly, I particularly like the bobbles that seem to form blossom patterns in the body of the shawl and that mark each repeat of the edging.

Juneberry 5

Thanks to a good friend for the photos, taken today as we made our leisurely way to Newtown for a pleasurable Sunday afternoon of knitting.


missfee said...

just gorgeous and the pattern with bobbles looks great in the tosh sport

Rose Red said...

I really like this, the soft edges look lovely - possibly more wearable (and modern) than a shawl with very peaked edges.

DrK said...

its almost like jared makes patterns with you in mind, they just all seem to suit you so perfectly. something about the elegance? and always lovely in grey. beautiful.

Ingrid said...

I can see why you keep being frawn to Brooklyn Tweed Patterns - that is gorgeous, and spectacular on you

Taphophile said...

I'm with Rose Red on the edging. A lovely soft effect, but still a striking element

Zena said...

This is just lovely. I agree about the yarn, the soft grey and softer lines are perfect. There is a place for sticky shetland yarn, but its not something I'd want draped around my neck!

1funkyknitwit said...

Pretty colour and design and I'm slowly being drawn in to knitting this design also. You and Jody have knitted such lovely versions.

Lynne said...

What a well knitted beautiful pattern.