Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More textures

Inadvertently, my holiday knitting has been a perfect choice. I decided to knit Heidi Kirramaier's Windward scarf from some mustard coloured Wollmeise yarn I acquired from a friend.

Mustard scarf

The pattern relies on different textures for its effects - garter stitch, stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch shapes pieced together asymmetrically. Both the colour and the mixture of textures seemed to echo the mats, floors* and walls of the bahay kubo where I've been staying.

Knitting this scarf has the same kind of appeal as knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket. For some time you don't know just how the pieces are going to fit together as you knit at different angles and around corners. It's been an excellent project for travelling. It's had just enough interest to keep me knitting, but it can be stopped and started and knitted in company as needed. Most satisfying.

* Yes, Ingrid - to answer your comment on my previous post - the floors do bounce a little as you walk on them. It's one of the things I enjoy; along with the shower water going straight through the gaps in the slatted floor to water the dense vegetation beneath the house.


missfee said...

Lyn the colour is just gorgeous and the scarf itself intriguing in its construction

I love the colours and textures of your last post

Ingrid said...

Love the scarf - I've just started to want/want/want one. Bouncy floors - they really would talk some getting used to.

Rose Red said...

I love this pattern! Once again, I have knitting project envy!

1funkyknitwit said...

I too have been eyeing off this shawl. It's an interesting construction and the stitch combo adds lovely texture. Love the colour, with out a doubt when finished it will look amazing.

Knitdra said...

Most intriguing Lyn, can't wait to see it wrapped around you in all it's glory!

Probably Jane said...

Once again I visit your blog and add another thing to the list of things I must knit!