Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lotsa Squares

I really have no reason for this blog post other than the fact that - perhaps surprisingly - I'm still enjoying knitting log-cabin (sort of), garter-stitch squares for a blanket. I collected the last of my international parcels of the discontinued Mission Falls 1824 cotton yarn from the post office on Friday, with mental thanks to a generous raveller from the US, and now have more than enough yarn to complete the blanket. The dye lots are a bit variable, and some of the colours don't really match, but I think that's part of the charm of a project like this.

Lotsa Squares

I've almost completed nine squares. Each one is about 32cm square. I'm not sure if I will knit 12 squares or 16. I'd prefer a rectangular shaped blanket to a square one, but 12 may not be sufficiently large and I can't face the thought of knitting 20 squares! I'll see how I feel when I get to 12.

Lotsa Squares 2

Already I'm dreading the sewing together of the squares and the i-cord finish around the edge, but I know the finishing is just so important for a project such as this one. I'm also wondering whether or not to finish it with some backing fabric. I've tried to finish off the log cabin pick-up stitches and yarn joins as neatly as possible, but even so the reverse of the blanket has a distinctly 'wrong side' appearance. Again, I'll decide just what to do when I get to that stage.

Lotsa Squares 3

But, for the moment, I'm still enjoying the garter stitch geometry of the log cabin squares - and it has the advantage of being an excellent social knitting project as there's no danger whatsoever of making errors while chatting.


Rose Red said...

It looks fantastic! Are you sure you don't want to make 24?

If you get too bored after 16 I wonder if you could seam it, and then maybe you'll feel in the mood for more squares?

m1k1 said...

I love the way this is looking. I keep trying to peer round the edge of the middle picture to see what that edge square looks like, but I.just.can't.quite.see ;-)

Brendaknits said...

It is lovely - beautiful colours. I too would dread the sewing up. With a blanket both sides of the work need to be great. At least witha sweater, one side of the seaming hides next to teh skin.

DrK said...

its so lovely lyn, just a beautiful mix of colours. the idea of seaming usually puts me off projects like this but it really will be worth the effort.

Ingrid said...

I concur with Jane's suggestion. seam a bit, knit a bit, finish when you feel like it.

Isn't the internet and Ravelry wonderful for finding needed yarn?

Knitdra said...

This is looking great Lyn, so glad you did post it, a good reminder of how effective log cabin and in cotton can be.

1funkyknitwit said...

heh.. I love how you pick the project and then have a second thought towards the finish line about dreading the seeing up and i-cord. Worth the effort, they look amazing. I can't believe you managed scored more yarn.

Lynne said...

I think are lovely - smart and casual at the same time.

I am reading through all your posts from 1 March forward; I may not leave too many comments because I am using an iPad and those word verifications are a pain! But, rest assured, I will read them all.