Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another scarf (lace this time)

The 'Ishbel' scarf that is 'out of scope' for my knitting program for the year is finished - in what was a remarkably short time for one of my projects.


The pattern comes in two sizes - of which I knitted the smaller size. It's a triangular scarf rather than a shawl, and is a good size to wear as a neckerchief, or tucked into a jacket.


Given the number of errors I made along the way (I really shouldn't knit late at night when I'm tired), I'm very pleased with the outcome. Emily previously commented that the Rowan Scottish Tweed is a yarn that is very forgiving of mistakes - and I agree. It also flourishes after blocking.

I've noted that a number of other knitters who've documented their attempts at this pattern on Ravelry have followed the larger size directions for the stocking stitch base of the shawl, and finished with the lace for the smaller size. If I were to make this pattern again - which I think I'd like to do - I'd try the larger size in a thicker yarn to produce a useful everyday shawl.

I bought the pattern on-line and at the same time purchased a print copy of the booklet in which this pattern is included - 'Whimsical Little Knits' by Scots designer Ysolda Teague. The booklet arrived in the post on the day I finished knitting 'Ishbel'. It's a very cute small format with 10 small projects - whimsical perhaps - with charming yet useful photographs and layout. I'm not sure I will use it to make anything else, but I do enjoy having it.

Ishbel and book

Pattern: 'Ishbel' by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Rowan Scottish tweed 4 ply SH004 (grey)
Needles: 4mm


Bells said...

oh that's so pretty! I love that. I hadn't realised it came in two sizes. I will have to go and explore.

You are the first person i've seen get ysolda's book. It does look like a lovely little library addition!

missfee said...

my book hasn't arrived yet :(

The scarf is beautiful Lyn - and I see no mistakes at all - I think you are mistaken about those mistakes.

Rose Red said...

It looks great Lyn - must have been such an enjoyable knit (isn't it good to deviate from the plan every so often!)

knitness said...

Ooooo! Very pretty, am hoping to use Scottish Tweed one day. I hope you bring it in next time at M&S - and can you also bring the book please??? Am curious as to what it's like.

Congrats on a lovely Ishbel! :D

jp said...

Lyn it looks stunning. So soft and squishy.

Lynne said...


I'm beginning to think I really need a shawl or wrap or some such - I'm falling behind the trends! LOL
Actually, I've always been concerned about practicality - a cardigan seems so much easier - it stays on and doesn't have to be wrapped around my ample bosom!

Charisse said...

Your Ishbel is gorgeous Lyn. It is next up on my list to do - I love Ysolda's patterns

Emily said...

Ysolda's stuff is nicely arranged, isn't it? I made the elephant for my nephew, and it worked well and was loved when I presented it.

Glad you enjoyed the yarn, too!

Probably Jane said...

What an elegant little project.