Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sock sighting alert

In my quest for stylish sock sightings, I'm monitoring The Sartorialist - at least, that's my current excuse for this pleasurable activity. Yesterday's entry (17 March) falls in the category of 'shopping your own closet'. I think this means wearing the clothes you already own, rather than buying new things. This is either the latest thing to do, or already slightly cliched, depending on just how aware you are of current tends.

The image is of the usual elegant, slim woman, in rolled-up workstyle pants, what the Americans call a pea jacket, layered jumpers, a startling turban, and the increasingly inevitable but lamentable cigarette.

AND, she's wearing socks (matching one of the jumpers) with high-heeled sandals! As one of the commenters commented ' Socks with sandals are the new boots'. So now you know. As Australian winter approaches, I wonder if we'll see a rash of socks with high-heeled sandals?

A new opportunity for displaying hand-knitted socks.


missfee said...

I missed commenting on the post previously about shoes and socks. I have a pair of birkenstock clogs I love wearing my hand knit socks with - and make a heart heel pair especially for - althought the photos really didn't turn out. I love my camper bowling shoes with handknits too - the first twist collective also had a great section on socks and shoes too.

Rose Red said...

You know, I didn't really notice she was wearing socks and heels - the turban was what caught my eye. Oh, if only I could wear a turban like that!