Thursday, March 5, 2009


It has taken me two evenings of knitting to achieve this coronet - otherwise known as a sock cuff.

sock cuff

Admittedly, it has also taken four starts to get this far, so a significant amount of time was taken up re-knitting. Nancy Bush writes of the Traveler's (sic) Stockings pattern, 'This is an excellent one to work during a journey - once the design is set up, it is easy to follow'. This may be true of most of the sock, but I can't imagine knitting the pattern that is part of the cuff on a journey - or indeed, anywhere with any distractions of any kind. My difficulties are compounded because the yarn is very fine (The Knittery's 'Slim' Sock is actually very skinny) and the colour is quite dark; the kind of colour you long to knit in daylight - when I usually have no opportunity to knit.

But I am comforting myself with the knowledge that Nancy Bush's designs always work, and that I invariably find the first few centimeters of each new sock pattern frustrating. Things will improve.

I think I'm also somwhat infected by the bad luck of my last few days. Monday I lost a large filling in a front tooth (which has been repaired today); Tuesday I ran out of petrol while driving my car in Macquarie Street in the city centre and had to be ignominiously loaded onto an NRMA tow truck to go to a service station; and today my flat was burgled. Fortunately the burglar was disturbed and not much was stolen, but one thing that was stolen is my camera. I'd downloaded the photo in this blog entry before leaving for work this morning, but this will be the last till I manage to get around to replacing the camera.

I'm not usually superstitious, but I find myself hoping that the old adage about bad things happening in threes has some validity and that tomorrow will be less challenging. Knitting as well as life.


M-H said...

What rotten luck! I hope that today is a calmer and better one, and you sock begins to grow steadily.

Rose Red said...

Oh no! I'm sure the "comes in threes" is right and that today will be a better day.

I'm sorry the sock has been a struggle but gee it looks great!

Lynne said...

Oh no! I sure hope the weekend is bright and beautiful!