Friday, March 20, 2009

Led astray

You might remember that I set myself a knitting Program for the year. Projects, priorities, and deadlines, all publicly declared and set up in my Ravelry queue. According to the Program, I have two projects on which I should currently be knitting - my second 2009 Personal Sock Club socks, and the kimono style jacket I started knitting last winter.

But I've been led astray by the Ishbel scarf as knitted by MissFee - a charming triangular shawl-like scarf pattern by Ysolda Teague that combines a geometric stocking stitch base with lacy edging.

Ishbel 1

I'm knitting it from one of my favourite yarns - Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 ply in shades of grey - that was left over from a previous project. I think I should have just enough yarn for the scarf. I'm not sure why I love this yarn so much. It's not ideal for a scarf as it's rather scratchy. It's the kind of catchy yarn that one imagines knitted up as fair isle to be worn outdoors in misty weather. It does soften with washing, but it will never be luxuriously comforting. But I like its rustic, honest quality; I like the tweedy colour variations; and I like the slightly wrinkly, uneven, thick and thin fabric it produces.

I still have time to finish my other projects by their deadlines, as well as knitting on Ishbel. But if I were really disciplined I'd finish my programmed projects first before flirting with Ishbel. I hope this isn't a premonition of future unfaithfulness to the Program.


Emily said...

I love this kind of yarn, too - very satisfying to knit, isn't it? And makes even the wonkiest of stitches (not that yours are!) look great once washed and blocked.
What's not to like?

Rose Red said...

Sometimes you just have to do the desire knit, even if it isn't on the program. It's like having another chocolate after a salad dinner - no harm done, and it leaves you (hopefully) feeling satisfied so that you can keep eating the salad.

Think that colour will look great on you, and the texure of the yarn adds another outfit element - very nice.

missfee said...

just call me the knitting pusher - and I love the colour, and ishbel does knit up quiet so you wont go too far off the knitting plan - hopefully