Sunday, June 27, 2010


I almost forgot to blog today.

Despite house selling, renovations, and work, and amidst national political turmoil, I've managed to get to a few things this week that have been thought-provoking and satisfying.

I went to see a production of Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure' at the Belvoir Theatre. This play used to be categorised as one of Shakespeare's 'problem plays' - maybe it's still so categorised - a 'problem' partly because it's hard to categorise. It has one of those Shakespearean happy endings where everybody gets married off to anybody who's feasible; an ending suitable for a comedy. But it deals with themes of power, hypocrisy, honour, the use of torture and , most centrally, women's rights. This is a very modern production that adds to above mixture questions of privacy, surveillance and celebrity. It's a most confronting production. Most troubling. For my tastes it was too crammed with theatrical devices to be brilliant (I like my Shakespeare 'plain'), but the play itself and some of the actors' performances had extraordinary impact.

I went with my neighbour and friend Marea to the opening of the latest exhibition of works by Central Desert Papunya Tula artists at Utopia Galleries.

Josephine Nangala 'Untitled'

These paintings are so beautiful - probably among the best Indigenous art commercially available. Papunya Tula art grows in sophistication and precision over the years. This current exhibition glows with colour and has great movement and dynamism.

I've been to see a very good new Australian movie - 'Animal Kingdom'. It's set in the the currently over-used and over-hyped setting of crime 'families' and corrupt police. But unlike the TV series 'Underbelly', this film shows how the ties of loyalty to family socialise behavior and shape and restrict choice. It's a tight script with some excellent performances - particularly from Ben Mendelsohn as the cruel, absolutely amoral oldest brother.

PS I did manage to block the Tweed Baby Blanket today. I hope to have pics tomorrow.

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missfee said...

I can't wait to see the blanket - and the picture looks amazing

Lyn you did so much on the weekend I am so impressed