Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crafted chic

I'm somewhat addicted to decorating magazines. I think it's because they depict an ordered world that I would love to inhabit, but know I never will. Recently, as my renovation project is under way, I've been spending even more time than usual leafing through them - poring over the details of blinds, cupboard finishes, door handles, furniture arrangements, and, of course, paint colours.

Along the way I've noticed a recent trend to featuring hand-crafted textiles and fabrics, such as knitted cushions

knitted cushions

and traditional afghan rugs.

afghan rug

The current July/August edition of 'Inside Out' has an article, 'Create a crocheted throw' with the subtitle 'hook into the newly respectable craft of crochet for a touch of Nanna chic'.

crochet throw

Nanna chic? urgh! Newly respectable? When was crochet not respectable? One might have accused crochet of being too respectable, but not respectable? The article goes on to assure us that
The beauty of crochet is that once you've worked out how to do one square - or in this case one hexagon - it's just a matter of repeating the process until you have enough squares for the sized rug you require, which is easily done while enjoying a favourite DVD.

I'm torn between pleasure that such magazines are featuring knitted and crocheted furnishings, and annoyance that they so underestimate the skill and effort that goes into their creation. And I'm still mentally composing my response to the use of the phrase 'Nanna chic'!


Anonymous said...

oh that is so disappointing. they appear to think they have discovered that crochet can be nice, without bothering to look at the wonderful things people have been making for years. so patronising. uuugh. but yes, good for publicity.

Lynne said...

I love the knitted cushions in the photograph but, strangely enough, don't want them in my home!

Barbara said...

I agree that nana chic needs to be unpacked. It seems to assume that nanas are old fashioned and can be reborn as it were through their art forms. Is there something else also taking place -- apart from the wish to find any new niche in an overcrowded market?

Bells said...

i blame Cate Blanchett and that dress!