Thursday, June 24, 2010


I've just signed the contract for the sale of the apartment my family and I have lived in for 25 years. I feel as if I should be feeling some deep and significant emotion but my main feeling so far is just relief that the process of selling is complete. It's been sold for a satisfactory price - not world-shattering, but a bit more than we were anticipating.

I now have 42 days before final settlement. That's 6 weeks to pack and sort and work out just how much I can take to my new apartment and what to do with the things I can't take. I imagine that over the next few weeks there'll be lots conflicting emotions - excitement at moving on to another stage of my life and some melancholy at all that I seem to be leaving behind.

A big day (and not only because today we have a new Prime Minister who's a woman).

table & dresser
bedroom shelves 1
lounge & shelves
bedroom 2
study 1


jp said...

Lyn I am so glad you sold. I understand the relief. Take a moment to enjoy the achievement as much effort went into it.

Rose Red said...

Hurrah Lyn! That's such good news, so good to get a great price without the uncertainty of an auction.

I understand the sadness too, I still miss some things about our old house even though I love the new one.

And look at your lovely storage - so neat and tidy!

Jan said...

That's good news to hear. I will be going through similar shortly with a large house. Husband is a hoarder nd who knows what the place is like since I left 2 years ago after 35 years there.

I'm glad you got a good price for the place.

Sel and Poivre said...

Hurray for Lyn and for Australia too on the occasion of the election of your new PM!

(BTW your place looks wonderful - no wonder you had a good result with the sale!)

Sally said...

Hooray and congratulations!

Brenda said...

Congratulations on the sale. That is a load off your shoulders, I'm sure. As for clothing storage solutions, one thing - at least here in Canada - is that most closets have one shelf only above the hangers.There seems to me to be lots of wasted space above that shelf. So in every house I've lived in, I've installed a second shelf about 15 inches above the first one. I need a stool to access it, but it holds lots of off season clothing.

Lynne said...

Wow! That seems to have been very quick. Congratulations on the sale. All the best for the next six weeks.

M-H said...

How wonderful for you. And how sensible you are. Many people would have hung out for a higher price and maybe lost the sale. Now you can move on to the next phase. I'm so excited for you!

And my word verification (also known as the door bitch) says 'offlocal', which seems very appropriate.

missfee said...

congrats - I some how missed this post til now

what a gorgeous apartment

and a beautiful home

6 weeks is a long long time