Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shoes & socks

I was up early today to cope with a busy morning. A visit to the local market to buy flowers for home, a haircut, final preparation of the apartment for its last open inspection prior to its auction next weekend, an overdue but wonderful visit to the remedial masseur to deal with my neck, my hips and my right heel (I hate the way my body is ageing), and then lunch with neighbours.

On busy days like this I reach for comfort clothes, which today included my favourite hand-knit socks and very battered falling-apart old Trippen shoes, much in need of shoe polish.

It wasn't till lunch-time that I noticed that

shoes and socks 2

it was a great way to show off the patterned toes of my Nancy Bush Welsh Country Stockings.

June busy summary
Bunches of flowers bought 5 (well, one is a pot of cyclamen)
Number of rows knitted - socks 175; blanket 1.5 rows of 650+ stitches plus one round of 3 stitch i-cord cast-off; cardi 40
Time spent tidying up 10 hours
Films viewed 15

geraldton wax


Rose Red said...

Perfect match!!

Anonymous said...

hehe i buy most of my shoes now thinking about how they will show off my handknitted socks or not! they do look stunning.