Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last week I received a notice to tell me I had a parcel to be collected from the Post Office. I wasn't expecting anything and had no idea what it might be. I finally managed to collect it yesterday - one of the minor irritations of my life is trying to collect parcels from a Post Office which is mostly open at times I'm at work. This is what I found:


My 'free' gift from Rowan International that I received as part of my Rowan International membership. Six balls of Rowan 4 ply pure wool in a light aqua-blue colour and two patterns for scarves to knit with the wool. Rather unexpectedly, because it's not a colour I would normally choose for myself, I like both the wool and the patterns and plan to use them together.

My Rowan International membership has been a bit of a mystery to me. I joined several months ago. I hadn't received the free gift I was meant to receive on joining, but the website informed me that the then current gift - the yarn and pattern I've now received - expired in March 2010, so I concluded I needed to wait till the new gift was sent out. I hadn't anticipated the circuitous route and the time it would take for the parcel to reach me. Despite a return address in the UK, my wool and pattern seem to have been sent twice from Germany - once in March and again in April. It finally reached me at the end of May.

All in all, my parcel's been a pleasant surprise. I wonder what the next Rowan 'free' gift will be?


Rose Red said...

I didn't know you'd subscribed to Rowan! I can really see you wearing that colour, it looks like it would go very nicely with grey!

Anonymous said...

oh that is a lovely colour! and rowan mmmm rowan.....look forward to seeing it on you!

Lynne said...

Gorgeous colour - what a lovely free gift!