Saturday, June 5, 2010

I made it!

It's ages since I last finished some knitting, so I'm pleased these are finally done.


They're Mona Schmindt's Embossed Leaves Socks (ravlink) from Interweave's 'Favorite Socks' that I've knitted from Madelinetosh Sock in a great colour called 'Ink'. They're the first completed socks from my 2010 Personal Sock Club. In April, when I faced up to the fact I was very far behind with my Personal Sock Club, I reset my sock knitting schedule for 2010. The deadline for this pair was June 4, and I finished these at a quarter to midnight yesterday - June 4. I made it! I'm good with deadlines.

PSC 2010-1-2
PSC 2010-1-1

While knitting these I've decided that, lovely though the leafy pattern is, I don't really like having lacy patterns on the foot part of my socks. So for my next PSC socks I'm reverting to ever-wonderful Nancy Bush vintage inspired socks. I've chosen the simple, traditional Oak Ribbed Sock (ravlink).

PSC 2010-2

The randomly chosen 'delivery' of yarn is Knitabulous's Merino Sock in the wonderfully named colour 'Count Sockular' - reds and greys with a snippet of grey yarn for decorative toes.

The deadline for these? 15 July.


Rose Red said...

I think I've already mentioned this is my favourite sock pattern ever - looks great in the lovely ink yarn.

And snap! I have that Knitabulous yarn too - look forward to seeing yours knitted up.

jp said...

Lyn those socks are gorgeous.
The colour of that yarn is spectacular and congratulations on finishin gthem to your deadline.

missfee said...

YAY you finished - I knew you would - hip hip hurrah

and I am so looking forward to the next sock installment

Bells said...

they look brilliant in blue. I'm with RoseRed - best sock pattern ever!

Anonymous said...

i love her plain ribbed socks, and that yarn will be fabulous. i think im not a huge fan of lace on the feet either...and well done on the deadline!

Lynne said...


Probably Jane said...

You can't beat Nancy Bush! I'm knitting some of her socks at the moment and am taking a class with her at the end of July. I do like the combination of clour and pattern in your Ink socks - they put me in mind of tattoos.