Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hopeful knitting

The knitting content of my June Busy Blog-a-Day has been very light on. It's not that I've stopped knitting - I still knit a little most days, but my knitting's certainly suffered from my busyness. In particular, I've had difficulty finding the energy to do anything more than the most routine and mindless knitting - even finishing off has been neglected.

But I've decided things have to change.

I finished knitting for the Brooklyn Tweed Baby Blanket some time ago but it's been languishing, waiting to to be blocked. That's going to happen tomorrow.

I've finished the back and front of the Sage Remedy, a sweater/vest I'm making for my daughter - it needs seaming, and the cap sleeves and neck binding need to be knitted. I'd like to have this finished in the next few days so my daughter can wear it when she comes back from the Philippines later in the week.

I'm about a third of the way through the Playful Stripes Cardigan for the dotee. This isn't really urgent, but if I don't get it finished very soon she'll get no use from it this winter. I'll try for a deadline of 7 July.

I'm making good progress on the final project I've been working on from time to time - my current Personal Sock Club Socks, due for completion on 15 July. I've just finished the first sock. They're going well because the Oak Ribbed Sock pattern I'm working on is so beautifully logical and straight-forward.

So I'm hoping for lots of knitting busyness in the next couple of weeks. Public declarations of my intentions seem to work well for motivating me so I'll see how I manage and report back.


Anonymous said...

gosh so many lovely projects on the go. I esp look forward to your Tweed Baby Blanket being fiished. That's one I've loved watching grow!

Brenda said...

Public declarations do work. They hold me to a higher standard. Hope it works for you.

Lynne said...

There's nothing like publicly declaring your intentions; somehow it means you just have to do it!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oooo I just love moments of personal resolve! Sometimes it just feels good to look neglected projects in the face and will them across the finish line!