Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All done!

So I made it through the 30 days of June Busy Blogging.

I'm really pleased I can mark my final June post with another finished knitting project. (See? public declarations of intentions seem to work for me).

Finished Sage 1

This is Sarah Shepherd's Sage Remedy sleeveless jumper that I've knitted from Cascade 220 in a deep blue-green heathered colour. Even with the lace panels it was a quick knit, though it took me ages to get around to seaming it and finishing the the arm and neck rolled facings.

Finished sage 2

I posted it off to my daughter this morning, so I still have a little anxiety about whether it will fit well...and whether she likes it.

Finished Sage 4

I've enjoyed daily blogging much more than I thought I would. When I started my June Busy Blogging the main rationale was that it would be a daily routine that kept track of my daily reality as my life was rushing by. I think it's had this outcome. I read that MissFee is intending to continue her daily blogging until she moves house - I'm full of admiration for her, though I'm going to slip back, with some relief, to less frequent entries.

Thanks to everybody for reading and commenting. I've particularly enjoyed the interaction with my readers that's come from more frequent blogging. And I've enjoyed sharing daily posts with my Blogfest partners - MissFee and JP. I'm in the midst of renovations, and just beginning sorting and culling preparatory to moving house, so even though I'm no longer committed to daily blogging there'll still be lots to report on and share over the next few weeks.


Rose Red said...

I have loved the daily blogging from you all, thanks so much for doing it.

The top looks great, I love the eyelet detail on the shoulders. Great colour too.

Anonymous said...

a beautiful end to a most productive month!

missfee said...

The top looks amazing Lyn
great job on your public decrees too

Thank you for all of the wonderful posts on the blog for the past month

Bells said...

that is just so great! EAch version of this I see brings me ever so slightly closer to making my own. It's beautiful. And thank you for such a great bunch of entertaining and thought provoking daily blog posts! Enjoy having a little rest!

Emily said...

I've really enjoyed your daily blogging - exciting to hear about the move and all your plans, your knitting, Sydney itself.

And I very much like the finished top, too.

Luni said...

Beautiful sweater. I've always liked that pattern.