Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Demolition begins tomorrow on the kitchen and bathroom - and some internal walls - of the apartment to which I'm planning to move. So, some rather boring photographs to capture the 'before' of all the planning and work.

The long, boring hallway

hallway before

the living room, with high ceilings and lovely trees outside the very large windows

living room before

the kitchen, off the living room, with its very 80s laminate cupboards and tiles

kitchen before

the boring bedroom

bedroom before

and bathroom that could be in an early 80s museum with its deep blue plastic accents.

bathroom before

I had another meeting with Heather, the designer / project manager, today. Both of us love colour, and we have great difficulty making decisions about all the practical matters and not veering off into colour fantasies. But we are getting there. Masses of storage everywhere, and redesigning spaces to make them more interesting, but functional.

I'll keep you posted.


missfee said...

Oh I love the before photos -and can't wait to see what you have planned - the view is gorgeous

Rose Red said...

Oh, before and after shots! I love before and after shots!

Especially your bathroom!! Loving the blue toilet features!! (almost as good as my old 1960s bathroom in my old house - pink and grey tiles, pink pedestal sink and best of all - pink toilet and cistern with black seat and lid!)

So excited to see the after shots!

Sally said... those windows you bought! So nice that an apartment comes with them! This is so exciting---thanks for taking us on this adventure with you!

Cecilia said...

Just like your other commenters (commentators?) I can't wait to see how this all turns out. Very exciting!

jp said...

Great before Photos.
The windows are fabulous.

It's amazing how the things that date houses the most are the bathrooms. Blue in the eighties and Glass bricks for he nineties. Oranges and Browns for he seventies and Pink and Grey (usually hexagonal tiles) for the sixties.

Anonymous said...

I kind of really like the 80's bathroom...

M-H said...

I really like that bathroom! :) Great shots and looking forward to the next ones. How exciting!

Lynne said...

Thanks for the before photos. I will be following the project with interest.

LynS said...

To those (misguided) souls who liked my bathroom, I should let you know that it leaks into the apartment below; the toilet cistern is badly cracked and about to collapse; and it takes an enormous amount of work to keep looking clean. My new bathroom will incorporate a laundry (vital for my well-being), have lots of storage, and will still have white tiles, which I love.