Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A result - of sorts

I was overwhelmed by the detail and ingenuity of the responses to my request for advice on storage - as were a number of my commenters. So many wonderfully useful suggestions. Even if I'd already thought of some of the ideas - such as using deep pull-out drawers to improve accessibility - the recommendations about where and how they could be utilised went way beyond any thoughts I'd had.

So, thank you.

And the winner?

Well, I had to choose two winners - both of them for the comprehensiveness, thoughtfulness and sheer overwhelmingness of their ideas - RoseRed and Sel & Poivre. Both of you could set up shop as storage consultants. Yarn will be coming your way. And so many others also impressed me with their inventiveness and with the systematic thoroughness with which they find homes for all their stuff.

Again, thank you all.

I'm just beginning to face up to the realisation that no matter how wonderful my storage is, I first have to sort and cull my possessions so that I can make the most of the storage I'm planning. I guess that will become my obsession of the next few weeks.

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Rose Red said...

weeeeeeeeeeeee! thanks Lyn! I do love me some good storage ideas! Look forward to seeing your new flat and all of your lovely storage solutions.